50 Shades of… RED?

The differences between reds and purples


We asked our Customer Service Department for some help on this blog topic.  What are customers asking for?  What feedback were the reps getting?  And we found a common issue for many of our customers and prospective customers is trying to determine the differences in the many shades of red that are available for team colors.

When it comes to ordering bags, buying batting helmets and batting gloves, many players want to match their team and show off their team colors.  Some coaches require that players wear specific colors on the field, but not all coaches and teams order items together.  For this reason, it’s a common error that a parent or player will order a color thinking it is the correct one to match the team, when it actually differs.  This is especially the case for reds and purples.  Well, we would like to put some of the confusion to rest and give a quick breakdown of the colors and help you differentiate between them.

First, understand there are 4 main team colors:  Scarlet, Cardinal, Maroon and Purple



Ever hear of the popular board game CLUE?  Remember the characters?  Mister Green, Mrs. White etc.  Each person’s name coincided with the color of his/her game piece.  So Mister Green was Green, Mrs. White, White and so-on.  In CLUE, Miss Scarlet is red.  Bright, fire engine RED.  This is consistent with any manufacturer that names their colorway Scarlet.  Scarlet = Red, they are interchangeable.



Now, this gets a little tricky for some, mainly because of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team (thanks a lot, Cardinals).  The team colors for the Cardinals are Red and White.  And when we say red, we mean that bright, scarlet red.  Well, when a manufacturer calls a colorway Cardinal, it does not mean the St. Louis Cardinals, Cardinal.  A team Cardinal red should be associated with the Stanford Cardinal red.  It is a deeper, darker red.  Just as Navy blue is a dark blue, Cardinal red is a dark red.




Maroon is probably the most confused color of them all.  Some will consider Maroon a dark red, but as we already went over, dark red is specific to Cardinal.  Maroon is actually a combination of dark red and dark purple.  So, when the coach says “Our team colors are Maroon and White.  Make sure to buy a Maroon batting helmet” – you probably want to have the coach clarify his/her idea of maroon or get a look at it before purchasing a helmet for the team.




Purple may vary between manufacturers, some brighter than others.  However, purple will generally run close to the LA Lakers or Minnesota Vikings colors.  Purple does not have a reddish hue to it as that would be more of a maroon, which we have already touched on.




Hopefully, this provided some clarification and guidance when it comes to choosing a color for your team or player.  Always remember that these colorways are not guaranteed to match exactly from manufacturer-to-manufacturer, or even season-to-season.  Some brands will do what are called “running changes” and make slight, cosmetic adjustments to their items.  This may include darkening the Cardinal color or adding more purple to the Maroon, as an example.  For example:  last year’s Rawlings’ Cardinal batting helmet may darker than this year’s Rawlings’ Cardinal batting helmet.  Or, a Maroon Wilson bat bag may have more purple in it than an Under Armour bat bag.

If you are not sure which color is which on the website or have questions in regards to figuring out which color is best for your needs, please contact our Customer Service Department.  One of our friendly and knowledgeable Representatives will be happy to help!


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