A First Look at the Dudley Lightning Legend SSUSA Slowpitch Bats!


Dudley is reentering the slowpitch world by introducing the Dudley Lightning Legend bat.  With three different types of bats in this line, Dudley is making it easy for each player to find a bat specific to his or her style of hitting.



What makes this bat stand out against other competitors?  The answer is simple, the innovative “Grip-Spin Technology”.  Grip-Spin is a slightly sticky coating that has been approved by the SSUSA (senior league), which covers the bat from the barrel down to where it meets the grip on the handle.  Essentially, this material allows the ball to grip to the barrel for a more solid hit and spin at contact.  By “gripping” the ball during the contact of a cut-swing and not allowing the ball to slip off the barrel, the ball will spin faster with more revolutions, which in turn creates better lift – sending the ball farther and staying in the air longer.


Not only has Dudley improved the hitting surface with the Grip-Spin coating, but with the durable Fusion Composite used in the barrel and handle, along with the Lightning Bolt endcap which helps dictate the rotation of the barrel – Dudley has developed a top performing and long-lasting product.  In SSUSA play, it is common to see many bats lose life after about 100 hits.  Through some testing and demo opportunities, Dudley has found that the Lightning bat has exceeded life over some others in the test market, but has also performed as well as other top competitors.  This is great news for most, considering it will save on the cost of buying a new bat halfway through or every season, which may be necessary for some other bats on the SSUSA market.


The styles in the Lightning Legend SSUSA line consist of Balanced, End-Load and Players Series.  The Balanced model will be Black/Yellow with a balanced weight distribution and a 13” barrel.  The End-Load model will be White/Black with the weight distributed toward the end of the barrel and a 13” barrel.  The Players Series model will have an end-loaded weight distribution and a shorter, 12” barrel, which will allow a quicker barrel through the zone for a more precise power-hitter.  All types are single-piece models with the Grip-Spin technology to assure a solid point of contact, as well as the Fusion Composite throughout the bat, the Lightning design endcap and Dudley’s “Tackified” bat grip.



Have additional questions about the bats?  Wondering when they will be released?  Contact our Customer Service department for more information!


Customer Service can be reached at the following:


United States:  888-771-3111

AK, HI, Canada:  951-479-4555

International:  +001 951-479-4555

Email:  homerun@monkeysports.com



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