DeMarnini CF6 Paradox Composite Baseball Bat – Take 2! The D-Fusion Handle

Last week, I was able to offer a sneak peek and some information on the end cap and knob for the soon-to-be-released DeMarnini CF6 Paradox Composite Baseball Bat.  I also mentioned that if I manage to get any more pictures or information I would be posting again.  Well, if you were hoping that there would be another post soon, today is your lucky day, because I have yet another picture of the CF6 – this time it’s the handle.  And, as you can see, it is a handle like no other!  Take a look!


For those of you who think you’ve seen it before before, the D-Fusion handle can also be found on the CF6 Insane Fastpitch Softball bat from DeMarini.  The all new D-Fusion handle allows the CF6 to be one the most responsive and effective bats on the market.  It does this by taking any additional vibration from the barrel and nearly eliminates it before it can get down to the batter’s hands.  So on those pesky mis-hits, the batter doesn’t have to worry about letting go of the bat before finishing the swing.  The less vibration, the more solid the contact; the more solid the contact, the harder and further the ball will go.  Even when the batter is jammed or gets one toward the end-cap, the D-Fusion handle will control the vibration and allow even mis-hits to respond like one off the sweet spot.


This handle, combined with the new Low-Pro end cap, allows for seriously controlled vibration through the barrel and down to the knob.  BBCOR may have its restrictions, but the CF6 is one bat that will perform and exceed while a BBCOR certification holds others back.


The release of the DeMarini CF6 Composite Baseball Bat is around the corner!  And just as before, if I get any more updates or photos for this bat, you know that you’ll see it first!  Keep checking back!  Want more information on this bat or others?  Visit our website or contact our Customer Service department and one of our friendly Representatives will be glad to help!


Customer Service can be reached at the following:

United States:  888-771-3111

AK, HI & Canada:  951-479-4555

International:  +001 951-479-4555


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