DeMarini CF6 Paradox Baseball Bat — FIRST LOOK!!

Every day is one day closer to the release date of the DeMarini CF6 Paradox Composite Baseball Bat– the brand new line of baseball bats from DeMarini.  I am sure that DeMarini fans are as excited as ever for this new bat, especially since DeMarini has ramped up the technology and applied completely new and different materials.  Seeing as the CF5 is one of the most popular and technologically advanced composite bats on the market, DeMarini has set a pretty high standard for itself.  Well, the CF6 is sure to meet and even exceed that standard and those expectations.  And while we can’t let you know when it will be available just yet, we are going to give all you DeMarini fans SOMETHING to work with while you wait anxiously for the release.


The blog has an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the CF6 baseball bat!  Now, I’m hoping to pick up on some other leaked photos, but for now I’ve got a special sneak peak at the knob and end cap on the bat.  Check it out!!

Since we’ve got some photos, I figure I might as well explain some of the benefits and technology behind the updated End-Cap on the CF6.


Low-Pro End Cap















The updated and upgraded Low-Pro end-cap provides a unique sound when contact is made, allowing the bat to sound unlike ANY other bat on the market.  Essentially, if you are swinging the CF6 baseball bat, everyone is going to know.  And although it is pretty cool to think that you would have the most distinctive sounding bat at the plate, I figure you’re probably curious as to what sets the Low-Pro end cap apart technology-wise.  Well, allow me to explain:

The Low-Pro end-cap has an incredibly unique, honeycomb-like design, which allows the energy to be transferred from the bat to the ball in an efficient but powerful manner.  Since the bat is a truly balanced bat and swings very light, having all of the energy transferred in an effective manner is key to accomplishing what DeMarini has set out to do with this bat.  Hit it harder and further than before- bringing technology in bats to a world where not even BBCOR can hold you back

RCK Knob















So that’s what I have for you at the moment.  Be sure to keep checking back for any other information and pictures I may come across- better believe you will see them here first!  Also, we will be dropping the release date for these bats later this month- so keep your eyes peeled.  These bats will be here before you know it!


Have questions about the CF6, or any other line from DeMarini?  Curious how DeMarini bats match up with other brands?  Feel free to contact our Customer Service department and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help answer your questions!


Customer Service can be reached at the following:

United States:  888-771-3111

AK, HI & Canada:  951-479-4555

International:  +001 951-479-4555


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