DeMarini CF6 Paradox Composite Baseball Bat – Take 3! The Paradox Barrel

More good news DeMarini fans!  I’ve got another exclusive look at the DeMarini CF6 Paradox Composite Baseball Bat!  I’ve posted about the knob, end cap and handle- can you guess what I have for you next?  If you guessed the BARREL, you’d be correct!!  For this post, I’ve got a special look at the barrel and a breakdown of the technology and latest updates.  Let’s check it out!!




The barrel for the DeMarini CF6 Baseball Bat has been composed of the new Paradox Composite; the same composite material that can be found in the handle of the VooDoo Paradox.  Paradox Composite is the latest upgrade from DeMarini for composite materials.  It is extremely light, allowing for the balance on the bat to stay consistent, but also incredibly strong- of course giving the bat its extra “pop”.  Now, as explained before, the new Low Pro end cap and D-Fusion handle have been designed to harness as much vibration as possible and provide the most solid contact against the ball.  With the end cap and handle on either side of this strong and responsive composite, it is assured that the CF6 will provide some of the best “pop” money can buy.

So not only will any player with this bat have one of the most unique sounding and looking bats out there, more importantly, he will have one of the best performing bats available.  If you’re looking for a combination of incredible quality and appearance, the DeMarini CF6 is going to be a solid choice.

Keep checking in for more updates on the availability.  I can’t give up a pre-sale date yet, but I can say that it’s coming soon!!  Have any questions in the meantime?  Contact our HomerunMonkey Customer Service department!  We can be reached at:


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