Easton Gear at the 2014 Little League World Series

Some of the best youth talent in the world is on display at the Little League Baseball World Series; and Easton believes the best in the world should use the best equipment available.  Easton has provided the teams with some of their high-end equipment, some items in custom colors, for use on the field out in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Curious as to what these Little Leaguers are using?  Here’s a guide to some of the gear on the field, all of which is already or soon-to-be available at HomerunMonkey.com!



During the 2013 LLWS, Easton made quite a splash when their new Mako Power Brigade line of baseball bats made its first appearance at the plate and in the dugouts.  At the 2014 LLWS, the story is similar as Easton has released their latest Power Brigade line which includes some of the usual suspects:  The S1, S2, XL and Mako.  However, Easton has yet another new bat for the entire world to see this year – the Mako Torq.  You can read more about this line of bats in our Blog post about the 2015 line of Easton baseball and fastpitch bats.


Batting Gloves 

This year’s Little Leaguers will be sporting custom colored Hyperskin HS9 batting gloves based on their region’s assigned colors.  The HS9 batting gloves feature four critical pieces of construction that, all together, set them apart from other batting gloves on the market.

  • “Sheepskin (texture)” material – The sheepskin texture gives the HS9 gloves an extremely soft feel, while the diamond texture provides added grip in the palm.  The combination of the two allows for ultimate comfort, without sacrificing performance.
  • “Zonal Flex” – The Zonal Flex feature lines every joint and knuckle throughout the batting glove with Easton’s 3D mesh.  This mesh delivers comfort, breathability and flexes for a great fit – regardless of how the hands are positioned as they grip the bat during the swing.
  • “NeoErgo Palm Design” – The NeoErgo Palm Design plays in with the Sheepskin material, adding extra notches within the palm.  Along with the diamond texture, ergonomic layers within the palm of the gloves give a larger surface with which to grip the bat.
  • “3D Palm” – The 3D Palm design from Easton wraps from the palm and continues to the backside of the hand.  By extending the palm around the hand, seams along the sides of the hand are a thing of the past.


Catcher’s Gear

Just as in last year’s 2013 LLWS, this year the catchers will be gearing up with some custom, region-colored Easton Mako catcher’s equipment.  The gear has been improved-on since last year’s model, from the helmet, leg guards and chest protector.

The Helmet

  • “Streamlined Profile” – The streamlined profile of the Mako helmet, will provide a snug, but comfortable fit.  Whether looking at a framed pitch or popping up to toss a runner out a two, this helmet with stay with and move with the catcher.
  • “Rear Cap Radius” – The rear cap radius can be found on the back, base of the helmet.  This important piece to the Mako design provides not only comfort, but speed when the helmet is removed.  When that high pop-up is hit just above the catcher’s head, the catcher can rip the helmet off quicker, without any material digging into the back of the head and neck.
  • “Cage Mounts” – These cage mounts are molded from an advanced polymer, which contains the energy and absorbs more shock.  The catcher can be less hesitant when blocking the ball at all costs, knowing that the cage will do an exceptional job of reducing shock and vibration to the head.
  • “18 Vents” – Because 17 just wasn’t enough for Easton.  The combination of these vents allows the helmet to breathe and keep the head cool, but without giving up the most important aspect – protection.  Those long, hot days of double-headers and tournament marathons are made a little more tolerable with the ventilation the Mako helmet has.
  • “EPP Foam” – In a time where concussion awareness is at an all-time high, the market for quality protection has never been better and the Mako is no exception.  Not only can the players rest easy, but Mom in the stands can be a little more relaxed knowing the EPP foam that lines the Mako helmet will provide an ultimate amount of protection and shock absorption.  Not to mention it’s incredibly light, giving the best of both worlds – allowing the catcher to be as quick as possible, all while being as protected as possible.  And, of course, the helmet is NOCSAE approved, meeting standards for catcher’s helmets.


The Chest Protector

  • “Asymmetric” – The asymmetric design of the Mako chest protector gives an advantage to the right-handed thrower behind the dish.  The design will, as Easton puts it, “optimize the movement” of the catcher when throwing.  As most players and coaches understand, a design that makes a player a fraction of a second faster is incredibly valuable.  In a game of numbers, where ¼ of a second can be the difference between safe or out, Easton has created a design to give as much speed to the catcher as possible.
  • “4-Way Stretch Base” – This stretching, base material provides a comfortable fit while the catcher is crouched down, waiting for the pitch.  This protector is designed to move with the body, stretching and breathing as the catcher moves along.
  • “Shock-Absorbing Foam” – For those wild pitches in the dirt that need to get smothered, Easton’s shock-absorbing foam will reduce rebounds for blocked balls.  The ball will essentially die where it’s blocked, allowing the catcher to locate the ball quicker when trying to keep runners at their respective bases.
  • “Ab Wedges” – The days of a bulky, bunching chest protector have been put to rest, thanks to the addition of Easton’s ab wedges.  These wedges move independently, expanding and contracting as the catcher moves behind the plate.  When the catcher is crouched, waiting for the pitch, the wedges move and bend to mold to the catcher – avoiding the pushing up and bunching at the bottom of the chin.
  • “Removable Shoulder Caps” – Don’t like the shoulder cap?  Need to adjust it?  No worries!  Easton has added Velcro to the cap for quick and easy moving or removing.
  • “Removable Groin Protector” – For the little guy that insists he’s ready to play with the big boys.  The groin protector on the Mako youth model is removable, to give the player the option to go with or without.


The Leg Guards

  • “Asymmetric” – Each leg is designed to fit and optimize the movement of its respective leg.  By incorporating this asymmetric design, the shins will carry a more snug fit and move more fluidly with the catcher’s movements.  Once again, optimizing movement creates more speed when behind the plate.
  • “Conic Knee” – The conic knee cap is stiff and stable for the catcher when dropping into a blocking position, a time when it’s needed most.
  • “Inner Knee Protection (IKP)” – This IKP memory foam is added to the leg guards specifically to where the catchers will face the most impact and need it most.  Going along with the asymmetric design, it is placed based on the leg being a left or right and how the legs will impact the ground when dropping down to block a ball.
  • “Sling Tec” – This lining is designed to maximize ventilation between the shin and leg; keeping the legs light and breathable as the games carry on.
  • “Removable Liner” – After a long tournament weekend, enjoy the benefit of washing the removable protective liner.  Keeping the gear clean and fresh-smelling, even after multiple days at the dish.


Batting Helmets

Adding to the Stealth line of helmets that Easton offers, the Z5 line of batting helmets is brand new to the Little League World Series and to homerunmonkey.com.  These helmets are also offered to the players in custom colors, based on their respective regions.

  • “ABS Plastic” – The shell of this helmet is constructed of ABS plastic, which is designed to withstand the high impact of a batted or pitched ball and resist cracking.
  • Dual-Density Foam – Working together on the inside of the helmet are a High-Density foam, which is used to absorb shock; and a Low-Density foam, which is used for a comfortable fit.  These foams together, create the Dual-Density system which helps prevent injury to the head and concussions, while remaining comfortable and snug when running the bases.  And, of course, the helmet is NOCSAE approved, meeting standards for batting helmets.
  • Wrapped Ears – The wrapped ear design on the Z5 batting helmet helps the helmet go on and stay on during the game.  The ears are extremely durable, so no need to worry about them breaking down throughout a tournament or season.


Interested in a specific region’s color scheme?  Here’s a breakdown of Easton’s custom colors by region:

Southwest Pearland, Texas Dark Green/White
Australia Perth, Australia Navy/Gold
Great Lakes Chicago, Illinois Navy/Gold
Canada Vancouver, British Columbia Black/Red
Latin America Maracaibo, Venezuela Maroon/Gold
Europe-Africa Brno, Czech Republic Royal/Gold
Japan Tokyo, Japan White/Red
Midwest Rapid City, South Dakota Kelly Green/Navy
Asia-Pacific Seoul, South Korea Purple/White
Caribbean Humacao, Puerto rico Black/Aqua
Mid-Atlantic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maroon/Columbia Blue
Mexico Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon Kelly Green/Red
New England Cumberland, Rhode Island Black/Burnt Orange
Northwest Lynwood, Washington Cardinal/Silver
Southeast Nashville, Tennessee Navy/Burnt Orange
West Las Vegas, Nevada Navy/Soul Blue


All of the previously named color schemes will be available at HomerunMonkey.com – visit our homepage or give us a call for more information!


Customer Service can be reached at the following:

United States             888-771-3111

AK, HI, Canada          951-479-4555

International             +001 951 479 4555

Email                          homerun@monkeysports.com

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