Everything You Need To Know About Lizard Skins

Everything You Need To Know About Lizard Skins

There is no more recognizable bat grip in either baseball or softball than Lizard Skins. These DuraSoft Polymer bat wraps burst onto the baseball scene in 2012 after originally succeeding in the bicycle handlebar game. With unique designs and exceptional performance, the success of Lizard Skins continues to grow in the game of baseball.

Lizard Skins with Team Logos

The popularity of Lizard Skins originally arose from Major Leaguers utilizing these grips on wooden baseball bats. Up until that point, athletic tape and pine tar were the only grip aids used with wood bats. Fast forward to today and not only are Lizard Skins commonly used on wooden baseball bats, but it is also not too uncommon to see a player strip the stock grip off of a metal bat and replace it with a Lizard Skin. From the Major Leagues to Little League, Lizard Skins appear to be here to stay.

Key Features

Lizard Skins offer many unique features that help make them the premier brand in bat grips. The grips are lightweight yet extremely durable, slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions, vibration resistant, and are available in three different thicknesses with countless color options.

Three Different Thicknesses

The three thicknesses Lizard Skins come in are 1.8mm, 1.1mm, and 0.5mm thick and all come 39 inches in length. The thickness of a Lizard Skin is determined by the amount of felt backing featured on each of the grips. The thinnest grip, 0.5 mm, does not offer any felt backing. The 1.8 mm grip has 1.3 mm while the 1.1 mm grip has 0.6 mm of felt.

Along with the varying levels of thickness, a solid-colored, camo (1.8mm, 1.1mm, or 0.5mm), or an MLB-inspired grip will make sure there’s a Lizard Skin that will work for you. Along with several options in color and thickness, Lizard Skins provide every type of hitter with a more effective and comfortable grip in the box.

American Flag Lizard Skins


Some of the best players in Major League Baseball depend on Lizard Skins to get the best grip on their bat. Mookie Betts, Anthony Rizzo, and Eric Hosmer are some of the most notable names that are currently brining Lizard Skins to the plate with them. The number of Major Leaguers using Lizard Grips is constantly growing. The enhanced grips as well as the option to add some flare and personalize a player’s bat, are the two big features creating this increase in the use of Lizard Skins. Not only are Lizard Skin grips popular in the Major Leagues, but all the way down through the youth levels of the game.

Mookie Betts Uses Lizard Skins

Final Thoughts

Lizard Skins are the premier bat grip in baseball. While some players prefer the feel of other grips or no grip at all, the elite performance and fresh look makes Lizard Skins worth trying.

If you have any questions regarding Lizard Skins, please contact BaseballMonkey Customer Service at (888)-771-3111.

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