Five Biggest Differences Between Baseball and Softball

Five Biggest Differences Between Baseball and Softball

Ask any baseball or softball player and they will tell you the same thing, while the sports share a few major characteristics, baseball and softball are completely different.

Innings, balls, strikes, outs, home runs, etc. are all major commonalities found in both baseball and softball. However, there are a few glaring differences in the sports that make them unique.

The size of the field, bat, and ball are a few of the most obvious differences, while the pitching area and several other small discrepancies help set these two sports apart.

1. Field Dimensions

Probably the most obvious difference between baseball and softball is the size of the field. At the highest level of each sport, the distance between each base is 90 feet in baseball, and 60 feet in softball.

Field Dimension Diagram

The outfield fence in softball averages approximately 220 feet away from home plate while the furthest point in most baseball fields is about 400 feet or more. The increase in field size is due to several factors including a baseball’s ability to travel faster and further due to its tighter wound core.

The size of each of these fields affects the strategy and gameplay, while the overall goal of each game remains the same.

2. Pitcher’s Mound vs. Pitcher’s Circle

One major variance in the sports is the area where the pitcher pitches from. In baseball, the pitchers work from a sloped mound with a rubber 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. The standard pitcher’s mound in baseball is 10 inches above the ground.

While in softball, the pitchers work on flat ground inside a circle with the rubber being exactly 43 feet from home plate.

Baseball Mound Softball Circle

This change in distance calls for a different pitching style as baseball pitchers throw overhand while softball pitchers throw underhand.

3. Size and Color of Ball

The size and color of the ball in each of these sports helps differentiate them. While a baseball is white with red seams, a yellow softball is used to make it easier to see as it is thrown from such a shorter distance.

Baseball Softball

Fastpitch softballs have a circumference of 12 inches, while baseballs are 9 inches in circumference. This difference in size and weight creates differences in how the ball is thrown, how it carries, etc.

4. Size and Weight of Bats

Baseball bats and softball bats differ in both barrel size and weight. A baseball bat at the highest level will have a barrel diameter of approximately 2 5/8 inches while a standard fastpitch softball bat will have a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches.

Fastpitch bat

The weight drop on a fastpitch softball bat will vary anywhere from -8 to -11 at the highest level, while the standard adult baseball bat must have a weight drop of -3.

Both the barrel size and weight drop of these bats are sport specific to help give the hitter a fair shot at the plate.

5. Base Running

With the shorter base paths, come a few different base running rules to help level the playing field.

Softball baserunner Baseball baserunner

There are also no leadoffs allowed in fastpitch. If a leadoff was allowed, it would shorten the already extremely short 60 foot base paths. While there are no leadoffs, stealing bases is permitted in softball. However, the base runner can only leave once the pitcher has released the ball.

The cleats used to dig around the bases in both baseball and softball are very similar despite rules permitting the use of metal cleats depending on age/level.

These base running rules help to create a game that is challenging, yet fair for all players involved.

Final Thoughts

The differences in baseball and softball are both obvious and subtle. It cannot be denied that these two sports share similarities while maintaining the fact that they are clearly two separate sports. The size of the field, bats, and balls are clear differences, while some of the gear and rules might be less noticeable to the casual fan.

If you have any questions about the rules and gear associated with either baseball or softball, please call BaseballMonkey Customer Service at (888)-771-3111.

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