Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves

Franklin is one of the biggest names in the sport of baseball. From Little League all the way to the MLB, many players prefer them. The comfort and durability of their product is nearly unmatched.

Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves are the new “it” item. A lot of pro’s are swearing by them, one player in particular stands out. David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is making a statement this season. His red with neon trim CFX Pro batting gloves are catching everyone’s eye. He is not the only one to use these Franklin batting gloves. Dustin Pedroia (Boston Red Sox), Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers), Erick Aybar (Los Angeles Angels), Hanley Ramirez (Los Angeles Dodgers), Nick Swisher (Cleveland Indians), Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals) are just some of the biggest names in the game using these gloves.

The CFX Pro gloves have Pittards digital sheepskin leather to maintain softness and tactility in all conditions. Meaning you are going to have your grip and feel of the bat better with these gloves in any weather, rain or shine. Another great part of the palm is the Quad-Flex creasing. This mimics the natural creases in your hand, resulting in minimal build-up of material between your hand and the bat handle. Last, but certainly not least for the palm, is the all one piece leather palm. Wearing this batting glove feels almost as natural as not having one on, which is why so many pros wear them.

Palm of CFX batting glove
Pittards Sheepskin Leather One-Piece Palm

The back of this glove has great features to offer as well. Floating thumb technology increases glove flexibility and adaptability. This allows you to grip your bat without the batting glove getting tight and uncomfortable when your trying to get the game winning hit. Additionally, the neoprene bridge across the knuckles and the sides of the glove add to that amazing natural flex feel. With that, there is also the tectonic fit inserts that stretch open on the back to help this glove feel all the more natural. All of this goodness wrapped up with an asymmetrical wristband to shape to your wrist. What more can a hitter ask for?

Back of CFX Pro batting glove
Tectonic Fit Inserts


Back of CFX Pro batting glove
Neoprene Bridge knuckles and sides

The CFX Pro batting gloves speak for themselves. Don’t believe me? Turn on your MLB network and see for yourself. The biggest names prefer these gloves and are customizing them to their exact likings. Speaking of custom, HomerunMonkey offers 7 exclusive colorways! If you have any questions regarding these batting gloves or other great product feel free to leave a comment below, hit us up on Twitter @homerunmonkey or on Facebook.

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