Just In! Nike Sha|Do Elite J Baseball Glove! [Review]

ShaDo Elite J

Just released this month, the Nike Sha|Do Elite J – the Latest and Greatest from Nike

Crafted in Japan out of Japanese Kip leather, the Shado Elite J is Nike’s Top-of-the-Line, as good as it gets glove.  But what makes the Nike Sha|Do Elite ball glove so great?  What would make it stand out over some of Nike’s other competitors?  The answer is simple, not only are there great, new upgrades, but the craftsmanship is specific for each glove.  Each glove put out for purchase has been handmade by ONE master craftsman, the ENTIRE way through the production- no assembly lines, no relying on a group of machines- it comes down to one person.  This craftsman takes his time and does it with an incredible sense of pride- making sure when the glove is finished, it has a position specific mold and keeps up with its elite expectations.


The design for each Sha/do Elite baseball glove, which has input from master craftsmen, former and current players, keeps the needs for each position in mind.


The Infield Model

At 11.25” in length, the glove is designed to have a shorter close than larger gloves in the line, with the thumb closing by the 2nd and 3rd finger.  This allows for a shallower pocket, consistency in fielding and, of course, the quick transfer that’s needed to turn double plays and get the big outs.  The webbing for the glove is a new design, inspired by the Japanese style “I” web.  The web design makes this line unique- looking different than other I webs on the market, while maintaining its function.


The Pitcher Model

At 12” in length, this glove is designed to have a deeper pocket than the true Infield model.  The thumb is going to close closer to the 3rd finger.  This provides a pocket that has more room for the ball to stick, but shallow enough to allow a quick transfer for a come-backer up the middle.  The web for this model is a completely closed web.  This provides more security for the pitcher, allowing more deception, knowing that the batter and other players are not able to pick up any seams or grips through any spaces in the web.  The more deceptive you are as a pitcher, the more effective you will be- and this web provides that extra protection.

The Outfield Model

At 12.5” in length, this glove is designed to have a deeper close, at the 3rd and 4th fingers, than the Infield and Pitcher models.  This deeper pocket is ideal for an outfielder’s needs.   As the last line of defense, the first priority of an outfielder is to stop the ball.  With a deeper and wider pocket, the 12.5” model allows for more glove to make the diving plays or scoop up a grounder through the infield.  The “Modified Post Web” is flexible and creates the deep pocket- providing more “stick”, so the fielder can worry less about a ball popping out and more about making the play and getting the ball back to the infield.


Each glove in the Shado Elite J line is made of Japanese Kip leather.  This leather is durable and strong, but since it is Kip, it is also softer and more lightweight- making this one of Nike’s most lightweight gloves to date.  Each glove has also been previously molded and shaped with a round mallet and a baseball.  Because the glove will arrive with a pocket already molded, the break-in period is reduced and the player will find it easier to mold the glove to his/her liking.


The gloves will also carry a new “Moist-Clutch” synthetic palm liner.  This suede-like material throughout the palm is a moisture-wicking material.  So, when the hand starts to get clammy and sweat, the Moist Clutch comes through and helps keep the salty sweat out of the leather and redirects it down the palm.  This way, for those players who prefer not the wear an underglove, the sweat and salt don’t get into the leather to dry it out and break it down.  The Moist Clutch is most certainly “Clutch” when it comes to keeping the quality and life to the glove.  When other gloves are breaking down and drying out from that sweat, the Shado Elite J will still be in great condition because of that liner.


Another unique and helpful design is the placement for the welting and knots in the glove.  Instead of a player dealing with irritation of a knot directly over his/her thumb and/or pinky- the Shado Elite J has been designed to strategically place the welting and knots in areas where they won’t compromise feel or irritate the player.  The knots are set aside to avoid any interference and keep the player focused on the game and the great feel of the glove- not any annoyance or frustration because of a knot rubbing against the thumb.


The Shado lives up to its name, which is derived from a couple of Japanese words.  “Sha” meaning “gratitude” and “Do” meaning “way”.  Essentially, the glove is designed with a sense of pride and the game should be played with that same sense of gratitude and pride.  The name Shado makes it a constant reminder.


A prime example of a player that plays with this sense of pride, is Matt Kemp– which is why Nike designed a Kemp model of this glove to his specifications.  Take a look!

HomerunMonkey will be GIVING AWAY one of these Matt Kemp model ShaDo gloves!  Keep checking back for dates, terms of eligibility and information for the giveaway.


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