Louisville Slugger 2019 Fastpitch Bats

Louisville Slugger 2019 Fastpitch Bats

Louisville Slugger has long been one of the biggest names in both baseball and softball bats. New for the 2019 season, Louisville Slugger is introducing three new versions of their top fastpitch softball bats. The PXT, LXT, and Xeno are back and ready to do some damage.

Louisville Slugger PXT X19

Louisville Slugger’s top of the line fastpitch softball bat is back for the 2019 season with more pop than ever. The unique barrel design featured in the PXT gives the hitter a bat that offers effortless power on every swing.

Mass FX Loaded Sweet Spot Technology is the secret behind the PXT’s dynamic performance. Louisville Slugger has added more mass directly behind the sweet spot to create more momentum and authority in each swing. While mass has been added to the sweet spot, the overall feel of the bat is only slightly end-loaded and generally maintains a fairly balanced feel.

Louisville Slugger PXT X19

The handle and barrel of the Louisville Slugger PXT X19 is connected using VCX Technology. This unique technology provides independent movement between the barrel and handle to minimize vibration and create a highly-desired feel at contact.

To help the hitter gain a better grip at the plate, Louisville Slugger is featuring their Pro Comfort Grip on the handle of the PXT. This grip combines the perfect amount of comfort and performance to help tie together one of the hottest bats on the market.

PXT X19 Specs

With several cutting edge technologies and designs, the PXT is the “Pinnacle of Performance” in fastpitch softball. The Louisville Slugger PXT X19 is available in -10, -9, and -8 weight drops.

Louisville Slugger LXT X19

One of Louisville Slugger’s most popular fastpitch bats of all-time, returns for the 2019 season with a fresh new look and the same stellar performance. With a 100% composite design and an extremely balanced feel, the Louisville Slugger LXT X19 is a great fit for every type of hitter.

The barrel of the LXT is built with Louisville’s PBF Barrel Technology to give the hitter an extended sweet spot that’s hot straight out of the wrapper. The design of the LXT’s barrel creates an ultra-light and balanced bat while still maintaining the pop comparable to end-loaded bats.

Louisville Slugger LXT X19

VCX Technology connects the two pieces of the bat to create one bat ready to do some damage. The connection point of the LXT helps dampen vibrations and enhance to overall feel at contact of the bat.

The Pro Comfort Grip on the LXT is Louisville Slugger’s premier bat grip. This grip will help enhance a hitter’s comfort, performance, and confidence at the plate.

LXT X19 Specs

A light barrel built with top of the line materials and technology helps give the LXT “Power and Feel”. The Louisville Slugger LXT X19 is available in -12, -11, -10, -9, and -8 weight drops.

Louisville Slugger Xeno X19

Louisville Slugger’s third bat in their 2019 lineup might be the bat with the greatest value. The Xeno lives up to Louisville Slugger’s high standards while being the most affordable out of their three new options.

The 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 features a barrel with S1ID Barrel Technology that gives the hitter a long, balanced barrel that has no break-in period. The high-performing barrel coupled with a stiff connection, makes the Xeno X19 a favorite among both contact and power hitters.

Louisville Slugger Xeno X19

The IST Xstiff Technology maximizes energy transfer by providing a stiffer connection. While the vibration dampening technology seen in the VCX Connection Technology is superior to IST Xstiff Technology in regards to vibration reduction, the feel at contact is arguably better with the stiffer connection.

An Ultra-Lightweight X-Cap helps keep the swing weight of the Xeno low while also enhancing the durability and extending the life of the bat.

Xeno X19 Specs

It’s hard to find a bat that matches the performance and durability of the LXT at such a competitive price point. The Louisville Slugger Xeno X19 is available in -11, -10, -9, and -8 weight drops.

In Conclusion…

There is no wrong choice when considering the three new Louisville Slugger fastpitch models. The PXT, LXT, and Xeno are sure to be three of the top options in the softball bat market in 2019. Whether it’s an end-loaded feel or a stiffer feel at contact, the 2019 Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat lineup has a bat for you.

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