Louisville Slugger, Easton and DeMarini – A Fastpitch Bat Comparison…

With such a wide selection to choose from, it’s difficult to select just one of the many great fastpitch bats HomeRunMonkey.com has to offer.  Every brand has a “top of the line”, but what is the difference?  What makes one bat stand out over another?  Well, let me help break down a few of our Top-End Fastpitch Softball bats, offered by 3 of the most popular and technologically advanced brands – Louisville Slugger, Easton and DeMarini.








The latest from Louisville Slugger is the LXT 3-piece, fastpitch softball bat, available in -8, -9 or -10.  Yes, you read correctly, it says 3-piece.  Now, the running standard – as mentioned in my previous baseball post about the soon-to-be-released Attack – has been either 1 or 2-piece.  Well, Louisville has taken this to a completely different level in introducing their patented “TRU3” transition technology.  For this bat, the 3-piece design pivot-point in the handle helps reduce vibration from the handle to the barrel and redirects any extra energy back to the barrel.  This positive feedback allows for an increased trampoline effect, resulting in a better response from the ball off the barrel.  Another unique design that Louisville has patent pending, is the S1iD technology, aluminum inner disc.  You’ll notice that when someone is swinging an LXT, you can hear the difference between the LXT and other composite bats on the market.  The reason behind this is that S1iD aluminum inner disc.  That aluminum ring is going to increase the size of the sweet spot and allow for a more forgiving barrel at contact.  The TRU3 design combined with the S1iD disc and Louisville’s most reactive composite material, Pure360- makes the Louisville Slugger LXT one of the most advanced and unique bats on the market.  This bat lives up to Louisville’s slogan of “Beautifully Powerful”.


Recently released last month, the Mako is Easton’s brand new line for fastpitch bats.  In years past they have relied on the Stealth and Synergy models as their top-of-the-line.  They revamped those models and recently released the Power Brigade FS1, FS2, FS3 and FX1, FX2 models.  Now, they have created a brand new model as their Top-End to go along with the already popular Power Brigade line.  The Easton Mako combines both mass and acceleration to provide as much force as possible.  The extended barrel allows for more barrel through the strike zone with a lengthy sweet spot.  The Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) is the strongest and also lightest composite material that Easton has manufactured yet.  This composite material allows a balanced weight and lighter swing through the strike zone, but provides serious strength to hit back against the ball.  The 2-piece ConneXion provides whip and harnesses extra vibration from the barrel, allowing more solid contact when the barrel connects with the ball.  Just as taught in High School Physics, Mass x Accerlation = Force; and the Easton Mako is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


The latest and greatest from DeMarini is the newest version of the CF line- the CF6, CF6 Hope and CF6 Insane.  All of the bats in the CF6 line are 2-piece designs made with the newest composite from DeMarini- “Paradox” Composite.  The Paradox Composite can be found in both the barrel and the handle, creating one of the most responsive and capable bats on the market.  The barrel is strong, but has some give for an extended sweet spot and increased trampoline effect- allowing the ball to hit the barrel and the barrel hit back.  The handle is strong and stiffer than ever, reducing any unnecessary vibration and giving the athlete more confidence through their swing- especially in the CF6 Insane, which carries the newly designed D-Fusion handle.  The D-Fusion handle has a “honeycomb” design which creates alleys and virtually eliminates vibration from the barrel to the hands.  Not only does this allow the bat to be more responsive and provide more solid contact, but it gives the athlete the confidence she needs to finish the swing- knowing that she won’t get the sting that some other bats will leave her with when she gets jammed or hits off the end of the bat.  Even miss-hits are going to jump off the bat hard and fast.  The CF6 even provides a number of different options, from -8, -9, -10 and -11.  The CF6 Hope is available in -10 and is the same bat with a Breast Cancer paint job in support of the cause, as some proceeds for the purchase of the bat are donated to Breast Cancer research.  The CF6 Insane is the end-loaded -10 version, has the same composite materials, with the D-Fusion handle.  The weight is -10, but the end-load creates a -9 feel.  According to DeMarini, “The future is here and it’s pretty nasty”.


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