Louisville Slugger to Release Newest 3-Piece Bat!


For every manufacturer, there are two basic designs for bats- single piece or two-piece.  A single piece bat being made of one single material from the handle to the barrel, and two-piece bat having two separate pieces connected or fused together.  These options have been the running standard for both composite and composite/alloy bats for years…



Introducing, Tru3 technology by Louisville Slugger — THE NEWEST 3-PIECE BAT DESIGN!

Yep, not one.. Not two.. But THREE pieces!


1-  Handle

360 composite – this composite is thinner, which allows for more layers resulting in a stiffer handle.  The stiffer the handle, the more solid the contact when it carries through the bat to the ball.

2-  Barrel

360 composite – again, this composite is thinner which allows for more walls, increasing the trampoline effect against the ball.  Not only does the ball hit the bat, but the bat hits back!


AC-21 alloy – Louisville claims it to be the toughest alloy around.  Ready right out of the wrapper, with no break-in time required.  This alloy is going to withstand some of the hardest pitching and powerful swinging athletes.


3-  NEW!  Flexband” — “Socket Pivot” (20%) and “Elastomer Rubber Interface” (80%)

The Flexband within the barrel almost eliminates vibration through the bat completely and is newest component, creating the three-piece design.  Upon contact, the barrel is going to vibrate; now depending on where the contact is made depends on how much vibration will travel from the barrel to the handle.  The Flexband drastically reduces the vibration down to the handle.  So even when you get jammed, or happen to hit it toward the end-cap, the Flexband will tame that vibration to allow you to accelerate through the entire swing without any hesitation.  This allows for the ball to be more responsive off the bat and the bat itself to be more forgiving for those mis-hits.


This new 3-piece technology can be found in the 2014 Lousiville Slugger Attack (full composite) and Raid (composite/alloy) baseball bats.  Keep checking back for images and updates on the release of Louisville’s 2014 line of baseball bats!


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