Name’s Overlord.. VooDoo Overlord.. [UPDATED 12/23/13]


At we have got some exciting news about the upcoming line from DeMarini!  But before we get into the details of the latest, let’s refresh with a little background information…


Earlier this year, DeMarini released its latest update to the VooDoo line- the VooDoo Paradox.  DeMarini completely revamped this bat with an upgraded alloy for the barrel and composite for the handle.  Previously, the 2013 VooDoo was made up of SC4 Alloy and TR3 Composite.  When the 2014 VooDoo Paradox was designed, they upgraded the barrel to their X10 Alloy and handle to their Paradox composite.  This combination created their top-of-the line, most responsive composite/alloy bat available—until now!


Word has it; DeMarini is scheduled to release a brand new line of VooDoo bats.  Introducing, the VooDoo OVERLORD!!


What makes the Overlord different and a step ahead of the Paradox?  It is as simple as the fibers in the handle.  This run of the VooDoo comes with the brand new “D-Fusion” handle, which can also be found in the latest CF6 baseball bat line from DeMarini.  This upgraded composite material allows for the new VooDoo Overlord to be super responsive, making off-center hits feel like they hit the center of the sweet spot- and extra forgiving for the ones that need to be muscled out for those extra inches.  As the saying goes, “baseball is a game of inches”- if the Overlord can provide that extra punch, you have got to take advantage of it!


The Overlord is scheduled to be released in the following:

BBCOR  (-3)

Senior League  (-5)

Senior League  (-9)

Youth  (-13)


We’re still waiting to catch wind of the potential release date for these bats along with the rest of the 2014’s from DeMarini.  So keep checking back for more updates and information on the latest from DeMarini, HomerunMonkey and more!


**UPDATE**  The VooDoo Overlord is now available for Pre-Order and is scheduled to ship 1/3/13

You can check them out HERE!


Want to get one now??  Feel free to check out our website at: or contact us here:

United States:  888-771-3111

AK, HI & Canada:  951-479-4555

International:  +001 951-479-4555


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