NEW: 2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Bats

OK DeMarini faithful, you can let out that breath you’ve been holding while waiting for the new CF8 to arrive.  The wait is over, and the 2016 CF line of bats from DeMarini are available at!  DeMarini has revamped the technology used in these bats and has even added a brand new bat to the popular line.


What They’ve Improved…

For those that were fans of the CF7, there are some features that have been improved on and carried over from the 2015 bats.  In all CF8s, DeMarini continues to use their Paradox Plus+ composite – which they have strengthened from last year’s CF7 model.  This composite is stronger and more effective than ever in the CF8.


The handle will also feature the Paradox Plus+ composite, however, for the 2016 models, it has been reinforced with Carbon.  By doing this, the handle is stiffer and stronger than before, resisting against excessive vibration and helping redirect that energy back toward the barrel.


What’s New…

Revamped for the 2016 CF8 bats, the D-Fusion 2.0 connection; DeMarini has done an exceptional job in reducing vibration in the handle and redirecting that energy back to the barrel, for that extra pop.  However, they have not settled with the D-Fusion handle from the 2015 CF7 – instead, they have optimized the design, so-much-so to call it the 2.0 version of the handle.  Regardless if you hit the ball on the end cap or handle, the D-Fusion 2.0 handle will drastically reduce vibration on those miss-hits, creating the most forgiving fastpitch bat DeMarini has released to date.  And to think, if you can get away with great pop off a miss-hit, imagine the trampoline effect after hitting the sweet spot!


The Bats…

CF8 -8 (CF8-16)

With the smallest length-to-weight ratio and a shortened 12” barrel, the CF8 -8 is for the advanced fastpitch player that has an efficient, quick and strong swing.  This bat is ideal for an elite, power hitter.


CF8 -9 (CFF-16)

For the hitter looking for a slight power advantage, the -9 is a great alternative to the popular -10 model.  This bat features the standard 13” barrel, but carries an extra ounce in weight, making this bat more powerful than its -10 counterpart.  An advanced power or contact hitter would benefit from the -9 drop.


CF8 -10 (CFP-16)

The most popular model in past years, the -10 has a balanced weight distribution and is hot right out of the wrapper.  The -10 drop is heavy enough to provide the power the player craves, but light enough to maintain an efficient swing, even for those that are weaker.  This bat is great for a contact hitter or a younger power hitter.


CF8 INSANE -10 (CFI-16)

The Insane has returned for the power hitters that want the weight of the -10, with an extra punch at contact.  Because of its end-loaded weight distribution, this bat provides the pop of a heavier bat, while maintaining a -10 drop weight.  This bat is great for a disciplined power hitter that can handle the weight toward the end of the bat.



A special development for the CF8s that those pesky, lefty-slappers can get excited about is the “Slapper -10” bat.  This bat is designed specifically for the left-handed slap hitter.  DeMarini has balanced the bat and extended the barrel to 14” – an inch longer than the 13” standard length.  Now the left-handed slapper has an extended barrel, for extreme reach, while the weight is distributed slightly towards the hands for maximum control.  This bat can be used for hitting away, but it is recommended for the batter that primarily works as a slapper.


CF8 HOPE -10 (CFH-16)

With similar properties as the standard -10, the Hope has a different paint job, but it also provides more than just base hits and home runs.  A percentage of the proceeds made from the sales of this bat are donated toward Breast Cancer research.  So not only will you be helping your team’s cause by producing more runs, you’ll be helping a greater cause due to DeMarini’s charitable donation.


CF8 -11 (CFS-16)

One of the most popular youth models throughout recent years, the -11 is back and better than ever.  This bat is perfect for advanced, young players that take the game seriously and need quality equipment to match the level of their game.  With a -11 drop weight and balanced weight distribution, this bat is light and easy to swing, but still has the same, elite materials that are found in the CF8 -10 bat.


Now that you have the info, check out the DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat on our website!



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