Rawlings Glove Codes

Rawlings Glove Codes

The meaning of the glove code on the inside of the pinky finger on Rawlings baseball gloves is often ignored. While some may completely ignore this code, others attempt to understand its meaning. This article will not make you a Rawlings glove code expert, but it will certainly get you off to a good start.


The first section of either a Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred Rawlings glove code is always going to be PRO or PROS. If the glove code includes PRO, this will be a Heart of the Hide baseball glove. If the code starts with PROS however, this will be a Pro Preferred baseball glove.

  • PRO = Heart of the Hide
  • PROS = Pro Preferred

Glove Pattern

Following the PRO/PROS, the pattern of the glove will be defined. The glove pattern will either be represented as a number or more letters. The most common patterns seen with Rawlings gloves are the 200, 31, NP, and 303 pattern.

The 200 pattern is probably the most popular and versatile as it is basically your standard infield/pitcher pattern. This pattern features medium width and medium pocket depth, as well as a standard hand opening.

The 31 pattern is a newer pattern designed specifically for infielders. The hand opening is slightly smaller on the 31, as well as having lower finger stalls. Rawlings 31 patterns feature dual welting to help maintain the glove’s shape. Some heel padding has been removed as well to help reduce the weight and shorten the break-in period.

The NP pattern is strictly an infield pattern as it comes equipped with a very flat and shallow pocket. NP patterns are also only made with a Rawlings I-Web, the most common infield web.

The 303 pattern is an outfield pattern that is wide in width and features a deep pocket. This pattern is built to close thumb-to-pinky, making it a great option for outfielders. 303 patterns are made with both a Trap-Eze web as well as an H-Web.

Other patterns Rawlings makes are an FM pattern (First Base Mitt) and a CM pattern (First Base Mitt).


The size of a Rawlings glove can be found at the end of the glove pattern code. A number is assigned for each glove size (11” – 13”).

Below is a key showing the numbers and the sizes assigned to them:

  • 1: 11”
  • 2: 11.25”
  • 4: 11.5”
  • 5: 11.75”
  • 6: 12”
  • 7: 12.25”
  • 8: 12.5”
  • 9: 12.75”
  • 0: 13”

Example: PRO204 would be a Heart of the Hide, 200 pattern, and 11.5”

Leather Codes

If a glove code defines the leather used, the leather code can be found in various places in the glove code. Not all gloves will have a leather code, but it is worth noting to avoid confusion. The following key can help you determine the type of leather used on a glove:

  • J: Japanese Tanned Leather (Heart of the Hide)
  • K: Kip Leather (Pro Preferred)
  • M: Mesh


Once the model, pattern, and size have been defined, there will often be a hyphen (-) followed by the type of web featured in the glove. Below are the numbers assigned to Rawlings’ webs:

  • 1: Single Post
  • 2: Pro-I
  • 3: Basket Web
  • 4: Modified Trap-Eze
  • 5: Single Post Double Bar
  • 6: Pro-H
  • 7: Pro-V
  • 8: 1-Piece Solid
  • 9: 2-Piece Solid
  • 11: Basket Connector Web
  • 12: Vertical Hinge
  • 13: Modified Single Post
  • 14: Vertical Hinge Basket
  • 15: Modified Trap-Eze w/ Loops
  • 16: V Post
  • 18: Double Laced Basket
  • 20: Single Post w/ X Lace


The final section of a glove code is generally the color of the glove. Below are the letters shown on the glove that represents the glove’s color:

  • B: Black
  • BR: Bruciato
  • C: Camel
  • G: Grey
  • GT: Gold Tan
  • MO: Mocha
  • N: Navy
  • OT: Oil Tan
  • P: Primo Sherry/Burgundy
  • R: Royal
  • RT: Rich Tan
  • S: Scarlet
  • TI: Timberglaze


Rawlings Glove Code Examples

Final Thoughts

This guide to Rawlings glove codes is by no means perfect or complete. It is simply a good place to start when attempting to understand a Rawlings glove code.

If you have any questions or further information regarding Rawlings glove codes, please leave a comment.

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  1. I have an old Rawlings catchers mitt that has SE001 on the outside on the thumb side and was trying to find out what it means.

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