Should I be Swinging an Axe Bat?

Should I be Swinging an Axe Bat?

Traditional baseball bat handles have largely remained the same for over 150 years. Axe Bat has brought their innovative design to the table to revolutionize the way a baseball bat is swung.

Ted Williams once said, “Swinging a bat is like swinging an axe”. Axe Bat has taken this idea and turned it into reality. With their axe-handle and angled endcap, Axe Bat has created “the first bat built end to end”. Their patented design is specifically built for a hitter’s bottom hand to create a more natural swing with increased bat speed and control.

With over 50 major leaguers now swinging axe-handled bats, including Mookie Betts and George Springer, the advantages of its revolutionary design are undeniable.

Axe Bat Technology

Axe Handle

The grip of a bat has long been overlooked as an influence on the quality and consistency of a ballplayer’s swing. Built for a batter’s hand, the axe-shaped handle enhances bat speed and barrel control to create harder and more consistent contact.

Axe Bat Handle

The knob of an Axe Bat is an oval shape that extends out onto the pinky. This design allows the body to create a great amount of grip strength, while minimizing the amount of muscle tension in the forearms and hands. This reduction in muscle tension frees up energy previously used in the hands and forearms, and allows it to be utilized by bigger more powerful muscles involved in swinging a baseball bat. Ultimately, this results in a quicker, stronger swing.

Axe Bat Knob

The handle of an Axe Bat features a flush backside, giving a hitter continuous contact between the handle and hand. A flush backside combined with the angle of the knob; create a neutral wrist position to promote a quicker more powerful swing.

All of the aforementioned attributes of the Axe Bat’s handle help to minimize tension, thus creating greater bat speed and hopefully harder contact.

FlexGap Barrels

A major concern of both parents and ball players is the durability of an Axe Bat’s hitting surface. As the bat can only be held one way, the same area of the barrel is repeatedly making contact with the ball. Axe Bat took these concerns into account when designing their FlexGap Barrel.

The barrel of the Axe Bat is strategically designed to withstand the impact of ‘one-sided hitting’. The hitting surface of Axe Bats are reinforced to ensure durability while also maximizing the performance of its alloy barrel.

Axe Bat Barrel

An Axe Bat’s reinforced hitting surface covers 270 degrees to ensure a large area with enhanced durability and performance. This 270 degree hitting face is called their “Engineered Hitting Zone”. This innovative design should give a player complete confidence that their bat can withstand repeated impact.

HyperWhip Caps

The handle isn’t the only area on an Axe Bat that sets it apart from the competition. An aerodynamic HyperWhip Endcap allows more weight to be placed in the barrel, further increasing durability and balance.

Axe Bat EndCap

Each HyperWhip Endcap features approximately an 11 to 12 degree angle with the hitting-side end sitting about a ½ inch higher than the non-hitting side. The eliminated material from the non-hitting side reduces the bat’s end load and moves that weight closer to the hands, promoting a lighter-swinging bat.

The main takeaway from HyperWhip Endcaps is that they are aimed to create a more balanced bat and enhance bat speed.

In The Game

At the end of the 2017 Major League Baseball season, 59 big leaguers were swinging a bat with an axe handle. With such great results seen in the players swinging an axe handle, it appears to only be a matter of time before more Major League hitters have an axe handle in their hands. The following chart shows a comparison of axe handle hitting statistics versus the league averages for hitters using a round knob in the Major Leagues.

Axe Bat Stats

Along with Axe Bat’s budding popularity in the Major Leagues, they have seen an even greater amount of success at the lower levels. Axe Bat recently partnered with Driveline Baseball to create a bat speed training program. The program was developed and tested by Driveline Baseball using Axe Bat’s weighted training bats to gather excellent results in improved bat speed and exit velocity. The speed trainer system is used in top Division 1 Universities such as Vanderbilt, TCU, and Oregon State.

Axe Bat Mookie Betts

Axe Bat has also found excellent results at the lower collegiate levels. In 2017, the NCAA Division 3 National Champions, California Lutheran University, and the NAIA national champions, Lewis and Clark State, swung Axe Bats exclusively.

From the Major Leagues all the way down to youth baseball and softball, Axe Bats appear to be here to stay.

Final Thoughts

Baseball is a traditional sport with a large amount of traditional players. Many players like what they like and are resistant to change. While many of these players will refuse to even think about stepping away from the traditional round knob baseball bat, the axe-handled bat is steadily growing in popularity. The success in the professional and collegiate levels help stand behind the studies that claim Axe Bats improve bat speed and exit velocity. Whether you are a traditional player or a fan of new technology, Axe Bats are absolutely worth giving a swing.

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