Sunflower Seeds vs. Bubble Gum

Gum vs. Seeds

Baseball is a game of decisions. In this game, there is no bigger decision for a baseball player than whether to chew gum or sunflower seeds. The salty goodness of sunflower seed versus the sweet simplicity of bubble gum is a defining choice for a ball player.

Baseball players have been snacking during games since its creation in the 1800’s. Chewing tobacco was the drug of choice during those days and still remains prevalent in the sport. However, the popularity of chewing tobacco has declined due to the discovery of its harmful effects as well as rule changes from Major League Baseball. Regardless, it still has its place in baseball culture.

Seeds and Gum

With some players seeking a healthier alternative to tobacco, sunflower seeds and bubble gum have found their way onto the diamond. Along with health concerns, the slow pace of baseball provides players an excellent opportunity to find something to keep them busy, enter gum and seeds. Chewing gum and seeds are also an excellent way to cope with the nervous energy built up during a high tension game.

Whether it’s the need for an alternative to tobacco, something to do to deal with the slow pace of the game, or a way to cope with the nervous energy, baseball players have long needed something to chew during the course of a game.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are an extremely popular in-game chewing option. Not only are sunflower seeds delicious, they also provide a player with a nutritious snack. The addicting enjoyment of cracking the seeds open and spitting them aimlessly gives a player something to keep them busy and keep tobacco out of their mouth.

Over recent years, the amount of sunflower seed flavors that have been released is pretty remarkable. From original to bacon to dill pickle, there is a sunflower seed flavor for everyone.

While the drawbacks of chewing sunflower seeds are limited, there are a couple factors that may keep someone from chewing seeds on a baseball field. The number of turf baseball fields around the world is growing larger and larger. Most turf fields forbid the chewing of sunflower seeds to prevent the mess they leave.


Seed vultures are another drawback of having sunflower seeds out on the diamond. Every team has at least one guy that finds his way into everyone’s bag of seeds and never has his own. He finds a way to eat the most seeds on the team and not one of those seeds was his.

Along with turf fields and seed vultures, sunflower seeds need to be eaten in moderation. The high amounts of salt combined with the sharpness of a sunflower seeds can irritate your mouth if too many seeds are consumed. As with most things in life, enjoy seeds in moderation.

Whether you’re on the bench or out in the field, seeds are a great way to stay busy over the course of a game.

Bubble Gum

There are several reasons why gum makes for a great in-game chewing option. The flavors, the bubbles, and the dental benefits all contribute to why it could be a good idea to start chewing gum while playing.

Similar to seeds, the flavors of gum are nearly endless. Whether you want something sweet or minty, there’s a flavor of gum out there with your name on it.

Chewing sugar-free gum is great for your teeth. Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva, which helps to reduce plaque, strengthens teeth, and reduces tooth decay. If you want some healthy teeth, chew sugar-free gum.

Gum is also a great option when trying to add some style points to a play. There’s nothing better than hitting a home run or making a diving play while blowing a bubble. Not many are skilled or brave enough to pull it off, but to those who can, respect.


The cons of chewing bubble gum are numbered, but there are a couple reasons chewing gum may not be for you.

While the flavor of gum can be a positive, it can also be a negative. Finding a brand of gum that doesn’t run out of flavor quickly is key if you plan on being a gum chewer. There’s not much worse than chewing on a flavorless piece of bubble gum.

Another problem that arises when a piece of gum runs out of flavor, is disposing of it properly. You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that throws his gum out on the field and someone steps in it. Having a place to dispose of the gum properly is also something to consider.

The benefits of chewing gum far outweigh the negatives, making it a great option out on the diamond.

Final Thoughts

Both sunflower seeds and bubble gum are great chewing options out on the diamond. Whether you enjoy the salty crack of a sunflower seed or the satisfaction of blowing the perfect bubble, both options are sure to be a quality in-game snack. When it comes to deciding whether to chew gum or seeds, the best idea is to simply enjoy both.

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