The DeMarinis are Coming, the DeMarinis are Coming!! — Part One

Such exciting news, that we had to break it up into two segments!  We have already released the information on the pre-order 2014 Eastons– and while Easton fans are chomping at the bit to order their bats- I’m sure there are DeMarini fans anxious to find out when the rest of the 2014 baseball bats will be available.  Well, that day is almost here!  We don’t have a release date just yet, but I’m leaking out the juicy details on the latest 2014 line of baseball bats from DeMarini.  Let’s check them out!


As most baseball players are aware, DeMarini has done a remarkable job of refining the art of composite technology; manufacturing some of the best bats around.  Well, they figure it is time to try their hand in the world of wood bats- and they are going all-in.  According to DeMarini, these bats are made from only the finest wood materials at a pro grade model; even saying, “If it’s not good enough for the pros, it’s not good enough for you”.


DeMarini is releasing two barrel profiles, specific to them- #248 and #348– made of either Maple or Birch wood.

DeMarini’s Pro Maple is designed from solid, straight grain to provide unparalleled power.  Not to mention, it meets all of the MLB requirements- nothing less than professional grade for these bats.

DeMarini’s Pro Birch, on the other hand, is designed to be just as strong as Maple, but swing as light as Ash.  This provides a perfect combination of power and speed at an elite level.

Either type of wood is available in each of the new barrel models.  These options make it easier than ever to choose a wood bat to fit virtually any ball player.  Which one is best for you?  Find out below!

DeMarini Model #348 is designed with a large barrel for increased power, but a cut that will allow for increased speed through the zone.  This design gives the player the best for both power and speed.  The #348 is available in:  31, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5 and 34″, in either Maple or Birch- both available in a dark or light finish.

DeMarini Model #248 is designed with a smaller barrel aimed toward the contact hitter.  This allows for the most acceleration through the strike zone with precision and accuracy.  The #248 is available in:  32, 33 and 34”, in either Maple or Birch- both available in a dark or light finish.



Keep checking back for pictures, more information and updates on the release for the brand new, 2014 line of baseball bats from DeMarini!!  Get excited people, they’re coming……


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