The DeMarinis are Coming, The DeMarinis are Coming!! — Part Two

They’ve dipped into the world of all wood bats, but DeMarini is best known for their composite material prowess.  The new CF6 baseball bats coming for 2014, is a cut above the CF5 and CF5 LE from last year and DeMarini is excited as ever to introduce their latest technology.  Check out what DeMarini has in store for their CF6 Composite Line!


BarrelParadox Composite

They’ve taken the Paradox Composite material used in the 2014 Voodoo Paradox and moved it on up to the barrel.  These advanced fibers allow for a serious punch against the incoming ball with an enhanced sweetspot.


DeMarini has just about mastered two-piece technology and shows it again with a new composite material, D-Fusion.  This upgraded composite in the handle, paired with the Paradox Composite barrel, reduces any unnecessary vibration and allows all of the energy to be released against the ball- hitting it harder and further than before.

KnobRCK, End CapLow-Pro

They’ve got the middle down, now it’s time to top it off with a brand new knob and end-cap design.  The ends complete the design and all-in-all allow for the most responsive and powerful bat that DeMarini has yet to release.  The new BBCOR regulations may have restricted performance, but from top-to-bottom, DeMarini has got it figured out; so much as to say, “…the CF6 transports you to a future where not even BBCOR can hold you back”.

Weight:  Balanced


Between the all new wood bat line and a now complete line of composite bats for 2014- DeMarini has once again shown that it is a force to be reckoned with.



Keep checking back for pictures, more information and updates on the release for the brand new, 2014 line of baseball bats from DeMarini!!  Get excited people- they’re coming…

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