The Groundbreaking New Balance CompV1 Baseball Cleats

New Balance CompV1 Baseball Cleats

Finding the right cleat for your foot can be a tough task. The width, weight, and durability are all things to consider when deciding on your next pair of spikes. New Balance has recently released a cleat to satisfy every player’s needs.

The New Balance CompV1 Baseball Cleats feature an innovative design in every aspect of the cleat. From the FantomFit upper construction, to the REVlite midsole, all the way down to the TPU spikes, the CompV1’s are changing the way players think about cleats.

Profile of New Balance CompV1 Cleats

The idea for New Balance’s CompV1’s arose from a growing concern in players over foot health as well as an increase in the number of turf fields forbidding the use of metal cleats. There has also been an increase in the number of players choosing the comfort of rubber cleats in exchange for the performance benefits of metal cleats.

With a revolutionary design and a clean look, these cleats were “made for groundbreakers.”

Upper Design

The upper design of the New Balance CompV1 helps make it one of the most comfortable and lightest cleats on the market. The key features of the CompV1’s upper design are the FantomFit as well as the Bootie Construction. These two main features help separate the New Balance CompV1 from the competition.

Upper Design of the New Balance CompV1 Baseball Cleats

The FantomFit design helps create a durable, breathable, and lightweight upper half of the cleat. Strategically placed TPU is used to ensure durability in areas of the cleat that are vulnerable to tearing. The lightweight mesh making up a majority of the upper cleat’s construction provides the player with a light cleat that breathes very well to keep the foot cool even on the hottest surfaces.

New Balance CompV1 FantomFit Design

New Balance’s bootie construction couples together the tongue and both sides of the ankle to make a snug fit that allows for sharp turns out on the diamond. The bootie construction creates added flexibility and comfort by eliminating the gap between the tongue and ankle of the shoe.


New Balance’s REVlite technology is responsible for helping New Balance rise to the top of the baseball cleat game. The comfort and stability of the REVlite midsole is created with the use of lightweight and flexible materials. While the midsole is very light, it still provides enough cushion to give comfort to the player and alleviate the stud pressure felt in other cleats.

New Balance REVlite Midsole

The foam compound utilized in New Balance’s REVlite midsole provides the same responsiveness and durability of foams 30% heavier. This design gives the player an extremely light cleat without sacrificing any of the comfort or stability.

Cleat Plate

The spikes on New Balance CompV1’s are the feature that truly makes them unique. There are two different types of spikes on each pair of CompV1’s. The cleat plate features New Balance’s original clear TPU spikes coupled with the new red glass-fiber reinforced TPU spikes.

Red glass-fiber reinforced TPU spikes

The aim of these cleats is to provide the performance and durability of metal spikes, but provide the comfort and low-weight of rubber cleats.

Final Thoughts

The New Balance CompV1 features an innovative design, a fresh look, and elite performance. The CompV1 will be a favorite of players who seek the comfort of rubber cleats while maintaining the performance of metal spikes.

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