Top 7 Infield Gloves of 2018

Top 7 Infield Gloves of 2018

An infielder’s baseball glove is their most important tool out on the diamond. Taking the time to ensure you make the correct glove choice is vital in setting yourself up for future success.

The size, web, pocket, and look of an infield glove are all factors to consider when making the decision on which glove is best for you. Give the following gloves a look or check out our entire selection of infield baseball gloves to find a glove that’ll have you feeling confident out on the diamond.

1. Rawlings PROSFL12 Pro Preferred Francisco Lindor Game Day Model 11.75″ Baseball Glove

Rawlings PROSFL12 Pro Preferred Francisco Lindor Game Day Model 11.75" Baseball Glove

What better glove to use on the infield than a glove used by one of the best infielders in baseball, Francisco Lindor? This 11.75” ball glove has a flat and shallow pocket, making it ideal for transfers in the infield. The Pro Preferred leather featured on Lindor’s game day model comes 30% broken-in, giving a player plenty of time to form the glove to their hand. This glove is sure to help take an infielder on the left side of the diamond to the next level.

2. Wilson 2018 A2000 1786 11.5″ Baseball Glove

 Wilson 2018 A2000 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove

Wilson A2000’s are some of the most popular baseball gloves on the market. The Pro Stock leather featured in the 1786 is extremely durable while still offering soft leather that makes for a quick break-in. Wilson’s dual welting technology helps to preserve the glove’s proper shape over the course of many years. The classic, yet unique colorway featured on this Wilson A2000, makes it one of the better looking gloves available.

3. Easton 2018 Legacy Elite 11.75″ Baseball Glove

 Easton 2018 Legacy Elite 11.75" Baseball Glove

Easton took a major step forward in their baseball glove category in 2018. The Legacy Elite Series features Japan Reserve leather that is built to provide a player with a stiff yet soft feel. The single post web with the durable tan professional-grade rawhide lace gives the glove a great look while remaining highly functional in the infield. Being 11.75 inches, this Easton Legacy Elite baseball glove plays well at either shortstop or third base.

4. Rawlings PRONP4-2CTW Heart of the Hide 11.5″ Baseball Glove

Rawlings PRONP4-2CTW Heart of the Hide 11.5" Baseball Glove

One of Rawlings newest gloves, the PRONP4-2CTW is 11.5”, features a Rawlings Pro I-Web on their NP pattern. The Rawlings NP pattern incorporates a shallow pocket that is designed specifically for infielders. Rawlings world-renowned Heart of the Hide leather is both extremely durable and comfortable. A rich tan outer shell and web combined with a camel colored palm helps to create a very unique-looking baseball glove.

5. Marucci 2018 Founders’ Series 11.5″ Baseball Glove

Marucci 2018 Founders' Series 11.5" Baseball Glove

This 11.5” baseball glove from Marucci will play well at any spot on the infield. Marucci Founders’ Series ball gloves feature premium Japanese Kip leather and U.S. tanned lace to create one of the most durable gloves on the market. The high-quality materials combined with superior craftsmanship has helped the Marucci Founders Series climb to the upper echelon of baseball gloves.

6. Wilson 2018 A2K 1787 11.75″ Baseball Glove

 Wilson 2018 A2K 1787 11.75" Baseball Glove

A2K’s are Wilson’s top of the line ball glove. Each A2K features Wilson’s ultra-luxurious Pro Stock Select leather. The 1787 model is 11.75” in length and features a pocket with average depth and width. A ballplayer stationed on the left side of the infield would find the extra length in the 1787 very useful. With a quick break-in time and a design that is built to last, a Wilson A2K might be just the glove for you.

7. Nokona P4 Bloodline Pro 11.25″ Baseball Glove

 Nokona P4 Bloodline Pro 11.25" Baseball Glove

Nokona baseball gloves are some of the only ball gloves that are still made in America. The P4 Bloodline Pro is an extremely lightweight glove that retains great strength and durability. Nokona’s Bloodline series features a padding system that offers ample protection while using less padding to give the player a glove with a shorter break-in period, a lighter weight, and a better feel for the ball. This Nokona P4 Bloodline Pro baseball glove plays best in the middle infield.

Final Thoughts

An infielder’s glove choice is a very personal decision. The gloves featured in this article range in price but all remain the highest of quality. They are all merely suggestions to help begin the process of finding the right glove for you.

If you have any questions about our selection of infield baseball gloves, please contact BaseballMonkey customer service at (888)-771-3111.

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