WebGem Glove Care System – GIVEAWAY!

WebGem Glove Care System – GIVEAWAY!



Our XProTex batting gloves review giveaway has recently been wrapped up, but no worries!  We are ready to go with another great giveaway to follow up – a chance to win a WebGem Glove Care System of your choice!


Not familiar with the WebGem System?  Well, allow me to introduce this fantastic product!  The WebGem Glove Care System is for the serious player that is looking to not only break-in a new glove, but maintain the life and form of their current glove, or even restore the life and form of an older glove.  There are forms available for each player; there are even two forms available for those in the field – the “Roll” and “Flare”.  You can check out all of the available WebGem forms HERE.









The Roll form provides a more traditional shape to your glove, a deep pocket with the fingers “rolled” in.  The Flare form will provide a flashier looking style with the fingers “flared” outward.  Either form is appropriate for either an infielder or outfielder.  The choice between the two basically comes down to player preference on look and feel – there really is no wrong one to choose from if you’re a fielder.  If you are a catcher or first-baseman, there are forms – the Deuce and 3Grande – available for you too!


Also included with your form are two packets of the WebGem Glove Glaze, a rag and the neoprene bag with a Velcro and/or buckle closing system as well as a fence hook:


WebGem Glove Glaze – This premium glove conditioner will keep the leather of the glove soft, full and healthy.  While maintaining a new or used glove’s condition, just apply the glaze overnight about once a month to keep your glove healthy and looking brand new.  For an older glove that needs some restoration, just apply the glaze and let the glove sit between 2 and 4 days secured in the WebGem neoprene bag.  After that short time-period, the glaze should soak into the leather and bring it back to a usable condition, holding a pocket for a great feel.


WebGem Rag – Use this rag to help clean off the glove before applying the WebGem glove glaze, then after when removing any excess glaze.  Rag is machine-washable.


WebGem Neoprene Bag – The bag is another key component to the WebGem system.  The bag is not only used to secure the form in the web of your glove, but it is also great for providing protection.  Now, you do not need to worry about putting your glove in your bag with the rest of your gear.  The bag will keep the form tight and fit to the web of your glove, and also prevent your cleats and other items from getting the glove itself dirty or scuffed up.  Each time you take the glove out of your bag, it will look as nice as it did when you put it in there.  This will keep players from getting too preoccupied on the condition of their glove.


Instead of running this as a Review Giveaway, we will be taking the contest to a different platform and giving our fans and followers a chance to get interactive and creative with the contest.  We will be running the Giveaway through our HomerunMonkey Instagram account!


All you need to do is post a game, action-shot (baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch permitted) during the giveaway period:  7/14/14 and 7/28/14.  With the post, use hashtag #WebGemGiveaway and your post will then be entered!  The Top 3 users with the most likes on their post will win their choice of a WebGem Glove Care System!


Check out the Giveaway homepage for more information and official rules and regulations:  http://www.homerunmonkey.com/webgem-promotion


Hope all that enter have some fun with this and GOOD LUCK!!

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