Wilson A2000 Glove Guide

Wilson A2000 Glove Guide

Wilson baseball gloves have been a constant in the game of baseball since the late 1950’s. Wilson’s dedication to craftsmanship combined with their passion for the game, has established them as one of the premiere glove makers in baseball. The glove that has helped Wilson burst onto the scene in 1957 and eventually become the official glove of Major League Baseball is without a doubt the Wilson A2000.

Each Wilson A2000 is handmade by expertly trained craftsmen to ensure the glove meets Wilson’s high expectations. The entire process of constructing a Wilson baseball glove from start to finish takes around 18 hours. The meticulous craftsmanship shown by Wilson over the years makes it easy to understand how they have risen and remained at the top of the glove market for 60 years.

The glove making process starts with the selection of Wilson’s pro stock leather. The pro stock American Steerhide used in Wilson A2000’s is made specifically for Wilson ball gloves. This American Steerhide is used on every single A2000 Wilson produces. Professional players praise this pro stock leather for its ability to break-in quickly while remaining extremely durable.

Along with quality materials and craftsmen, Wilson utilizes the help of the Wilson Advisory Staff. The Advisory Staff is made up of over 300 professional baseball players and communicate frequently with Wilson to develop and improve the A2000 glove line. Each A2000’s design is either an exact pro model or has been influenced by a professional player.

Wilson A2000 Glove Features

Wilson A2000s feature Dual Welting on the back shell of the glove. Dual Welting is two strips of leather placed along each finger back to create a durable pocket and help maintain the shape of the glove. The Dual Welting works especially well on the finger tips, where it helps preserve the glove’s shape.

The Dri-Lex padding in the wrist of the glove provides the player with a breathable wrist lining and keeps the hand cool and dry. A few select A2000 patterns will now feature Gap Welting technology. Gap Welting is designed to create a wider and deeper pocket while improving the support in the fingers of the glove.

The defining features of the Wilson A2000 glove line make it easy to understand why they are one of the most popular gloves on the market.

The Wilson A2000 Superskin™

The Wilson A2000 Superskin™ glove series was originally designed for Barry Bonds after he requested a lighter glove that didn’t sacrifice durability or performance. Wilson delivered by developing Superskin™. Wilson got the idea for the Superskin™ from an outdoor basketball they were producing. The material was designed to wick away moisture and was durable enough to be used on concrete. After a couple changes to the material Superskin™ was incorporated into their glove line.

Wilson A2000 Superskin

Wilson Superskin™ is 1/2 the weight of their Pro Stock leather and twice as durable. Superskin™ is softer and breaks in faster than traditional leather, while still maintaining a proper shape. The strategic placement of the Superskin™ on the back of the glove protects a commonly damaged area of ball gloves. Wilson A2000 Superskin™ baseball gloves have been a popular option amongst players looking for a light, durable glove.

The Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit™

The Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit™ was designed for the ballplayer who has smaller hands or prefers a tighter fitting glove. To do this, Wilson created a smaller hand opening as well as shorter and narrower finger stalls to create a better fit and give the player more control of the glove.

Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit

The Pedroia Fit™ also features less heel padding to increase the feel and decrease the break-in time. Longer laces are another signature characteristic of an A2000 Pedroia Fit™.

The Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit™ is made in several different patterns featuring both Superskin™ and traditional leather.

Wilson A2000 Pro Models

Below are the professional models of Wilson A2000 baseball gloves that are worn by Major Leaguers and sold to the public:

Wilson A2000 Pro Models

Final Thoughts

Wilson A2000 baseball gloves are a great option for player’s of various sizes and skill levels. When you buy a Wilson A2000 you are getting a glove that’s going to have a long life and perform at the highest level. It is a great option for the player looking to invest in a quality glove, but not spend the amount of money that the top of the line gloves go for.

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