Wilson Baseball Gloves: A2K vs. A2000

Wilson Baseball Gloves: A2K vs. A2000

Wilson Sporting Goods has been making high quality ball gloves since introducing the A2000 in 1957. Considered the prototype for the modern day baseball glove, the A2000 changed the way gloves were made.

Fast forward to more recent years and the Wilson A2K was created. An upgrade in materials and craftsmanship makes the A2K Wilson’s premiere baseball glove.

Wilson Baseball Glove

While there is great debate as to whether the A2000 or A2K is the superior glove line, you can’t go wrong with either.

The Wilson A2000

The Wilson A2000 is one of the most popular baseball gloves in the game. Superior materials and craftsmanship have helped Wilson rise and remain at the top of the glove industry for decades.

Each Wilson A2000 is handmade by expertly trained craftsmen to ensure the glove meets Wilson’s high expectations. The entire process of constructing a Wilson baseball glove from start to finish takes around 18 hours. The meticulous craftsmanship shown by Wilson over the years makes it easy to understand how they have risen and remained at the top of the glove market for 60 years.

Wilson A2000 Black and Red Glove

The glove making process starts with the selection of Wilson’s pro stock leather. The pro stock American Steerhide used in Wilson A2000’s is made specifically for Wilson ball gloves. Professional players praise this pro stock leather for its ability to break-in quickly while remaining extremely durable. Thin strips of Pro Stock leather are rolled tightly and placed along each of the finger stalls to create the ideal shape and improve the overall durability and performance of the ball glove.

Wilson A2000 Tan Glove

Wilson A2000’s are one of the most popular gloves in the game. As the official glove of Major League Baseball, the A2000 looks like it is going to continue to soar in popularity.

The Wilson A2K

Wilson’s top of the line ball glove is the Wilson A2K. The leather used on an A2K is the top 5% of all Pro Stock hides. A triple-sorting process helps maintain an elite level of consistency and flawlessness. The ultra-luxurious Pro Stock Select leather is buttery smooth and extremely durable.

Wilson A2K Brandon Phillips Glove

Similar to the A2000, Wilson A2K’s feature rolled dual welting to help maintain a proper shape and promote a shortened break-in time. The dual welting helps maintain the shape of an A2K which receives three times the amount of shaping from master craftsmen when compared to an A2000.

Wilson A2K KP92 Glove

Unique to the A2K is the Double Palm Construction. An extra thin layer of leather placed between the palm liner and outer shell helps enhance the pocket stability and protection, while still giving the player a great feel for the ball.

In Conclusion

The Wilson A2K and A2000 glove lines are both excellent options for players of all ages and skill levels. The quality of leather is the main difference between the two gloves. An A2K’s leather is slightly softer and smooth while also having an edge in durability. The A2000 has a stiffer feel and remains one of the most durable gloves on the market. When deciding on your next ball glove, you can’t go wrong with either an A2K or an A2000.

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